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15 minutes later.

I broke my own rule and just finished eating. Now, I can’t write anymore. My thoughts are visibly slower and the words are hardly coming out of my fingers into the screen. I handicapped my ability to create beautiful writing by stuffing myself with rice and chicken. Such is life.

The current dilemma is whether to continue with a mediocre narrative or to stop until I become hungry again.

Let me eat a chocolate and think for a bit.

Ok, I’ll write some more and probably delete everything later.

Now that you know not to eat and write at the same time like me, the second simple but important rule is to pretend to be an expert.

Everyone wants to learn from the master of the craft. Would you listen to a bankrupt on how to make money? It’s the same here.

Even if you have no clue what you’re talking about, just fake it until you make it. For example, now I’m pretending to be a writing expert who knows all these secret methods of how to become the most successful writer in the world and that your bank account will quickly increase to a 7-digit number.

People will blindly listen if the advice is persuasive enough.

Take Tai Lopez as another example. He was never the successful knowledgeable guy he pretended to be, but he rented a luxurious car and a small mansion, and boom.. People started listening to him.

Revising and editing are a waste of time. Why would I go back and re-write something that I already wrote myself?

I understand if I am looking at someone else’s work, who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but I’m the expert, there is no need to edit.

What you’re reading is what I wrote the first time. I never revise.

At the time will take me to review and re-edit this story, I could write a whole new one. You have to be efficient and value your own time.

The reader will get the point anyway. The truth is that nobody is really reading carefully, especially online, people just scroll around and see the highlights of the articles.

Do you think Stephen King revises his work? Even if he does, you’re not Stephen King, so forget about it.

Whenever you run out of ideas, just steal something from the Internet. You can modify it a little bit to not be too obvious, but stealing is completely justified.

It’s almost 2020, you won’t have any original ideas, it’s too late for that. Anything that had to be said was already said. We all say the same things in different ways over and over again.

Another monkey would write Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. So is there really a difference between Shakespeare and I if both of us could be replaced by an infinite amount of monkeys?

I went a little south with my theories.

Anyway, stealing ideas is good and you should do it.

I’m getting tired of writing and I already told you most of my secret writing weapons. There is only one thing left — to write a compelling conclusion that leaves the reader thinking.

If you can’t think of anything very compelling or fancy to say, just leave it the way it is. It’s much more important to end and publish the story than taking a week to create the perfect conclusion.

I mean sure it’s nice to end up with some words of wisdom, but even if you don’t, people forget what they read after 5 minutes. Five minutes if I’m generous. I even forget what I wrote in less time than that.

You can thank me with a clap.

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