David Arquette Says He'd Love to Return for New 'Scream' Movie But Hasn't Gotten Any Calls Yet

We broke the news last month that Spyglass is resurrecting Ghostface for an upcoming new installment in the Scream franchise, and at this point in time it’s unclear if the next film will continue to be set in Wes Craven’s four-film universe or be something of a remake/reboot. If it is indeed a sequel to Scream 1-4, for what it’s worth, David Arquette would love to return.

Speaking with Movie Web recently, Arquette made it clear that as much as he’d love to play Officer Dewey one more time, he hasn’t actually received any phone calls at this time.

“My phone has not rang and I know nothing. I honestly don’t. And I’m not just saying that,” Arquette told the site.

The actor continued, “So I know just like you that they’re working on a script, apparently. I don’t know if our characters are going to be involved. It’d be nice. It would be exciting to be a part of it. It’ll be sad that Wes [Craven] isn’t there but I would love to see his legacy continue and the great projects and films that he was a part of an afterlife, and continue what he started. I would love to see more Nightmare on Elm Streets. I’d love to see more Screams. I just think he’s such an incredibly talented and amazing person. I’m so honored that I had gotten to work with him, just in general.”

Arquette added, “So, whatever they decide to do, it’s what they’ll decide. You can’t bet on stuff like that. You just have to keep doing what you’re doing.”

In all likelihood, Spyglass’s revival of the Scream franchise is in the very early stages of planning, so it makes sense that none of the franchise’s stars know much about it at this time.

Stay tuned for more as we learn it.

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