LucasArts fans make their own Indiana Jones game

Here’s a fun little story: some fans of LucasArts’ classic Indiana Jones games have banded together to create their own point-and-click adventure game starring the iconic hat-wearing archaeologist. The full game is titled Raiders And The Seven Cities Of Gold, and it’ll be available for free when it’s finished.

“This 100% freeware game is being made by a small team of passionate fans,” reads the game’s website. And the developers promise, “We are just as nostalgic of the LucasArts touch as you are!” They also note that this is strictly a fan production, which is “not affiliated in any way with The Walt Disney Company.”

A demo, titled Indiana Jones And The Relics Of The Viking, is set to launch on 24 December. It looks like it’ll be available through the game’s website. In the meantime, artwork like this has been doing the rounds online…

Raiders And The Seven Cities Of Gold has been envisioned as a sequel to LucasArts’ 1992 game, Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis. This is the synopsis for the new game…

“Several years after having discovered Atlantis, Jonesy finds himself tricked into investigating the mythical Seven Cities of gold. When there’s a conspiracy at work, will he be able to stay on top of the situation? On his way, he’ll come across lost temples, deep jungles and buried cities. Will our hero succeed where the Spanish conquistadores failed? He’s full of wits and he’s not afraid to use his fists. But the promise of infinite gold — and maybe more — will put many foes on his tail, living… or dead. The reward goes beyond imagination, but beware of Nazis and deadly traps, doctor!”

Of course, this is an unlicensed use of the Indiana Jones brand, so there’s every chance that Disney (who own Lucasfilm) will send in their lawyers and shut it down. Here’s hoping that they don’t, though, because it’s a fun idea that fans are pouring their time into for free. Also, it doesn’t seem to be clashing with any of Disney‘s own projects.

Either way, we’ll keep you posted as we hear more. Or if you want to check out the game’s website for yourself, you just have to click here.

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