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The largest piece for my show, “Flesh Blood Bone” at Corey…

The largest piece for my show, “Flesh Blood Bone” at Corey…

The largest piece for my show, “Flesh Blood Bone” at Corey Helford Gallery during the month of November:

“When the First Became Divine”, 2016, Ballpoint Pen, Ink Pencils, Ink Wash, Graphite, Colored Pencils and Gel Pen on Mixed Media Paper, 24 inches by 40 inches (27 ¾ inches by 43 ½ inches framed).

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Since this piece includes all of my immediate family members, myself included, I felt it was important to yet again add my artist statement for the show below:

Flesh Blood Bone:

Animals have always been an essential part of storytelling, symbolism, and spirituality. I am continuing this tradition by producing works centered around fauna to tell stories that relate to creation, mortality, the violence of nature, and my personal life.

Flesh Blood Bone is my first attempt to acknowledge, and accept, aspects of my personal history that have caused me anxiety and heartache. As in my previous work, all subjects are depicted as animals. The series of narrative works centers around my immediate family, and the interactions and emotions that occur between the four members. Recently, I felt that I could finally address these feelings on paper. I have illustrated my separation from the issues presented in Flesh Blood Bone by depicting them as otherworldly, divine animals that exist in a habitat removed from reality. The four family members, which includes myself, become abstracted versions of themselves

I plan on continuing to center my work around aspects of my life and past. I am seeking freedom from my anxiety through my artwork.

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