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The Last Colossus

If our new Hate Pumpkin President does what he says he is going to do this week, he will use executive orders to shut America’s borders to immigrants, visitors and refugees from several predominantly Muslim countries, effectively…

John Oliver Endorses RuPaul For President In 2020

During last night’s return of “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” Oliver suggested that the Democrats should nominate RuPaul Charles to occupy the White House in 2020. “The notion that our leaders should be able to pass on…

Dorothy Surrenders: My Weekend Crush

I have written this blog for more than 10 years of my life now. I have posted nearly every single weekday, without fail. Heck, I even post when I’m on vacation, because gay gal happiness should never take a holiday. And I have never,…

Dorothy Surrenders: My Weekend Anne

I won’t lie, I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, OMG, a new Anne of Green Gables. If you have been here for any length of time you know Anne Shirley is one of my favorite characters, period. I remain convinced Anne and…

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