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The iPhone Was Inevitable – The Atlantic

A man sits in a chair in front of a small documentary camera crew. He’s trim, dressed in all black. A red notebook sits on his lap. “Here’s what I wrote in 1989,” he says. “This is a very personal object. It must be beautiful. It must…

Study: Potentially no limit to human lifespan

June 29 (UPI) -- There could be no limit to how long humans can live, according to a new study. Biologists Bryan G. Hughes and Siegfried Hekimi at Canada's McGill University studied the longest-living people from the U.S., Britain, France…

Imitation Crab Meat: Lessons for Meat Analogues

The veggie meat space is an interesting place these days for all sorts of reasons. For one thing, variations of meat analogues that once were stuck in the frozen section are finally making it to the meat aisle in Safeway stores around the…

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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