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We are currently looking for talented writers to contribute posts to https://epeak.info/  But before you send us a best piece of work, you should read a bit about our submission guidelines.

Do you have any guidelines to follow?

1.     Posts must be 600 words or more, preferably, over 1,000 words.
2.     Posts must be in English.
3.     Original posts only. If you want to post an article anywhere else after it had been published on https://epeak.info, please, write the link leading to our site.
4.     Posts must be non-promotional.
5.     There must be included pictures or videos into the post.
6.     The blog or post that are linked must be related closely to the topic of your guest post
7.     Don’t post links back to corporate sites or promoting keywords.
8.     We respect everyone’s work. In case we find out that you have copied a post from somewhere else, an article won’t be accepted.

An average salary per one post is $ 25.

9.We offer $1, if your article has got 1000 views ($2 for premium users).  

   We also encourage our contributors with payment for their laibour. IIf you provide 20 articles(publications) that are interested by quality and sense, we’ll offer $50.   
Aforecited conditions of payment are valid only if contributor provides a link with the publication of article on the website http://epeak.info/ in the social network. Please, send the link to the mailing adress Labiskvi2@gmail.com.   


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