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Stepen Dixon

Stephen Dixon, 1936–2019 – Bookforum Magazine

Stepen DixonAssociated Press sources say that former Trump adviser John Bolton has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster, for a reported...
"She said she needed writing as a weapon" - Bookforum talks with Benjamin Moser about his new biography of Susan Sontag • By Julia Pagnamenta

“She said she needed writing as a weapon” – Bookforum talks with Benjamin Moser...

Was writing Susan Sontag’s biography an exercise in deconstructing the image of “Susan Sontag”? I think it became that. I wouldn’t say it started...
Fiona Alison Duncan. Photo: Stefan Schwartzman

“I want a full refund.” – Bookforum talks to Fiona Alison Duncan

Fiona Alison Duncan. Photo: Stefan SchwartzmanThe first page of Exquisite Mariposa, the debut novel of Canadian-American artist, writer, and organizer Fiona Alison Duncan,...

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