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A Neanderthal model from the Britain One Million Years of the Human Story exhibition (National History Museum)

Ancient Human Smile Used as an Effective ‘Get-Sex’ Tool

A study on the history of facial expressions has discovered humans developed friendly facial expressions to attract less-aggressive, selected breeding partners, as a...
View of the cave. (B) Archaeological layers attributed to the Early Upper Paleolithic cultures in the cave. (C) Map of northern Israel showing the location of Manot Cave. (Sarig et al)

Aurignacian Secrets Revealed in Cutting-Edge Dental Research

Who exactly were the Aurignacians who lived in the Levant 40,000 years ago? They first appeared in Europe some 43,000 years ago, bringing...
Artifacts from the excavation on Naxos where early humans migrated before previously believed. (Science Advances)

Early Humans Migrated to Greek Islands 200,000 Years Ago

Scientists have proven early humans migrated through the Mediterranean much earlier than currently believed. A team of international scientists led by Tristan...

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