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Front view of the stone carving of Eleanor of Aquitaine that was discovered. (Milton Keynes Council)

Carving Believed to be Rare Depiction of Eleanor of Aquitaine Found in Abbey

A potentially historic discovery has been made in a medieval abbey in England. During a conservation project, the head of one of...
The original discovery of the tin ingots. (PLOS ONE)

Tin Ingots Reveal Long-Distance Sea Trade Flourished in the Bronze Age

Researchers have made an astonishing discovery that is transforming our understanding of the Bronze Age . They have established that ancient tin ingots...
Neolithic farmers. (Dcoetzee / Public Domain)

Humans Have Been Drinking Animal Milk for At Least 6,000 Years

Researchers have found the earliest direct evidence of milk consumption anywhere in the world in the teeth of prehistoric British farmers ....
Map of Wales in the 14th century showing marcher lordships. (XrysD / CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Noble Bandit Fulk FitzWarin and His Fight for Whittington Castle

George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of books is a thrilling portrayal of the lives and intrigues...
Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service fighting the fire at the medieval church. (Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service / Facebook)

12th Century Church Gutted by Fire Leaving Locals Devastated

A fire has badly damaged a historic church in England that dates back to medieval times. The 12 th century church was...
Shakespeare Hall, Rowington, near where the ring was located. Photo taken from the Heart of England Way, a recreational footpath through Warwickshire. (Image: Heart of England Blog)

Grandmother May Have Found a Ring Owned by Shakespeare

In recent years, metal detectorists have made many exciting discoveries in the United Kingdom . Most recently a retired postal worker in...
Like New: Locals and Experts Re-Chalk a ‘Rude’ Giant on a Hill

Like New: Locals and Experts Re-Chalk a ‘Rude’ Giant on a Hill

A gigantic chalk figure that dominates the countryside in England is being restored. The Cerne Abbas Giant is an enigmatic figure in the...
Shepton Mallet Prison. (Rodw / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Brave Enough To Spend A Night in England’s Most Haunted Prison?

The UK’s oldest prison is offering ghostly experiences to supernatural enthusiasts. A 2015 poll revealed that 45% of Americans either believe in ghosts...
One of the Best Roman Mosaics Found in the UK will be Reburied

One of the Best Roman Mosaics Found in the UK will be Reburied

A rare and unexpected find that could be one of the UK’s most spectacular Roman mosaics, containing designs based on Greek legend, has...
Avebury Neolithic henge monument

Swastikas Carved at Prehistoric Sites in England by Neo-Nazi Groups that Worship Norse God...

Neo-Nazi groups in England have been carrying out sinister torchlit rituals and carving swastikas into trees at ancient sites across the country. An...

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