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ProMedica HQ Toledo

What Can Designers Do to Combat the Loneliness Epidemic?

HKS’s design for the ProMedica Headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, aimed to bolster employee’s sense of connection to one another. Courtesy Tom Harris The...
Oriental rat flea infected with the Yersinia pestis bacterium which appears as a dark mass in the gut. (7mike5000 / Public Domain)

Culling the World: The Catastrophic Conquests of the Black Death

Medieval history is seldom kind. The decades and centuries slumbered onwards, each one bringing its own share of wars, crime, poverty...and disease. Happiness...

The young women using tech to fight Gen Z’s suicide epidemic

Technovation teaches girls how to create apps that tackle everything from natural disaster-related depression to domestic violence ...
Is There a Suicide Epidemic Among K-Pop Stars?

Is There a Suicide Epidemic Among K-Pop Stars?

The life of a K-Pop musician seems very glamorous. They’re beautiful, they have rabid fans and they’re becoming the most popular genre of...

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