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Genesis names the first couple in the ancient garden Adam and Eve . . . the Greeks called them Zeus and Hera. Left: Adam and Eve in Paradise by Jan Gossaert, 1527. Right: Zeus and Hera by Josef Tautenhayn, Austrian Parliament Building, Vienna (Public Domain).

Zeus and Hera – A Match for the First Couple of Genesis?

There is no Creator-God in the Greek religious system. Ancient Greek religion gets away from the God of Genesis and exalts mankind as...
Aspasia on the Pnyx by H. Holiday (1888) (Public Domain)

Thesmophoria: Feminine Consciousness in Ancient Greece

In the most highly anticipated religious festival of the year, women came from far and wide to gather in their cities to celebrate...
The Battle and Birth of Marathon

The Battle and Birth of Marathon

The Battle of Marathon was a pivotal battle in the Graeco-Persian Wars. This battle took place in August or September 490 BC. During...
Leonidas I of Sparta.

King Leonidas of Sparta and the Epic Battle of the 300 at Thermopylae

Zack Snyder’s 2007 fantasy historical film, 300, has probably made the Battle of Thermopylae one of the most famous battles of the ancient...
Spas at the Olympia Sanctuary. (Bibi Saint-Pol / Public Domain)

Ancient Spas: The Lifegiving Power of Water and the Gods

In the world of today, a spa is generally understood to mean a health resort, a place where people visit in order to...
Zeno’s Paradoxes Verses Reality | Ancient Origins

Zeno’s Paradoxes Verses Reality | Ancient Origins

Zeno’s Paradoxes refers to a set of ingenious philosophical problems attributed to Zeno of Elea, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher . These paradoxes were...
Lost ‘Atlantean Treasures’ Unearthed in Crete

Lost ‘Atlantean Treasures’ Unearthed in Crete

Archaeologists have discovered large quantities of treasure, which may be called ‘Atlantean treasures,’ in ancient Minoan-era buildings in Crete. Excavations conducted this year...
Why the alt-right loves ancient Greece and Rome

Why the alt-right loves ancient Greece and Rome

If you peruse the corners of the internet occupied by the “alt-right,” sometimes called the “manosphere,” you’re likely to encounter a...
Members of the Coast Guard Submarine Disaster Unit Special Dive Team examine and recover many objects at the Antikythera Wreck. (Greek Ministry of Culture)

Obscure Objects Found at Antikythera Shipwreck

The Greek Ministry of Culture has announced a series of finds that were rescued from one of the world’s most famous shipwreck sites....
Artifacts from the excavation on Naxos where early humans migrated before previously believed. (Science Advances)

Early Humans Migrated to Greek Islands 200,000 Years Ago

Scientists have proven early humans migrated through the Mediterranean much earlier than currently believed. A team of international scientists led by Tristan...

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