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Roz Warren

Dick Pics Are Ridiculous – The Haven

Because Dicks Are RidiculousThis is what turned up when I typed “Penis” into the Unsplash search box so I’m going with it. (Photo...
Phillip T Stephens

Vatican Baffled by Chapel Vandals – The Haven

Sistine Chapel visitors were shocked to find this new painting Saturday morning. (Wikimedia)No explanation for Drumpf’s portrait painted over God’sRome (DNS)Pope Frances acknowledged...
Phillip T Stephens

Drumpf Pleads No Contest – The Haven

”It’s never a contest when you take me on”An hour after his lawyers finished what observers called a professional and restrained Senate presentation,...
Divya Venkatesh

A whooping! cough is ruining my life! – The Haven

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on UnsplashA cough…. It’s just a cough. That’s what you tell yourself when it is coming from someone else....
Michael Streight

I Canceled Myself and You Can Too! – The Haven

I finally did it. I canceled myself. I had to. It was a long time coming. I had built up a laundry list...
Rosemary (Summers) Loshin

Hypochondria and Pink Pee – The Haven

My inner dialogue and kidneys are trying to kill me.Photo by Curology on UnsplashThe sun is still sleeping, yet here I am, sitting...
Bev Potter

I’ve Got 99 Problems and Sugar Is All of Them – The Haven

Photo by Sylvanus Urban on UnsplashIt’s not that I want to eat candy every day like a toddler raised by meth addicts.It’s that...
Brandon Dockery

Swag Reviews from the Dark Arts Job Fair – The Haven

My assessment of the free company gear handed out by industry leaders in black magic. I may not have landed an internship as...
Steve Whipple

Why Roping A Merry Go Round Is A Bad Idea – The Haven

Photo by Kaitlin O’SheaA lesson for kids everywhereJimmy wasn’t the brightest kid going to Peck Elementary School. He never once got beat up...
Becky Garrison

The Handmaids Tale: The Family Edition. – The Haven

The North Arlington neighborhood is pristine, the facades are white washed, in antebellum style; The Family’s complex is like the godly images Thomas...

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