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Sergey Bloom

I Tried To Issue My Own Articles Of Impeachment – The Haven

ImageThe plurality ate all but one of themThe writer’s block resulted in a temporary impairment of my thinking process, which made it impossible...

Rossum’s dream – The Haven

Photo by Franck V. on UnsplashWhere did I come from? I can tell you the date and time of my latest firmware upgrade....
Tom Starita

Tiny Mike the Titmouse – The Haven

Dennis Furburth left work on a cold, rainy Tuesday night when he remembered it was his oldest daughter’s birthday. He knew he had...
Visiting Family in Taiwan? Don’t do What I Did - The Haven

Visiting Family in Taiwan? Don’t do What I Did – The Haven

The Chinese hand out hongbao for Chinese New Year and special occasions. Yet here I was receiving one just for being in Taichung.I...
Kendra Stanton Lee

Holiday Letter from Your Subaru Outback – The Haven

Photo by Steven Striegel on UnsplashIt’s the end of a decade, friends!I hope this finds you well and that you couldn’t easily tell...
Roz Warren

Pa Rumpa Pum Shoot Me Now – The Haven

Christmas Songs We Love To HatePhoto by Jessica Lewis on UnsplashAfter fleeing the pharmacy because I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to...
Phillip T Stephens

Pensacola Shooting Ruled Accident – The Haven

Drumpf: “MBS strongly assured me his guy’s okay”Drumpf made a surprise appearance in front of a fake backdrop depicting the Pensacola Naval base...
Tom Hanratty

A Fearless and Honest Writer I Am Not – The Haven

But I’m willing to give it a tryphoto by Hannah Grace on UnsplashA recent posting described how to succeed as a writer on...
Sergey Bloom

Frivolous Standing – The Haven

ImageA CitationYou should provide clear cues for car drivers to avoid getting run over. Staying alive is in your best interests.New York driving...
On Healthy Food - The Haven

On Healthy Food – The Haven

When you are a teenager you are strong, invincible (good looking?) and healthy.Your metabolism runs faster than a cannonball. You can have your...

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