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The single surviving page known as the ‘Kringla leaf (Kringlublaðið)’, kept in the National and University Library of Iceland, is one of the main sources of the history of Harald Faihair. (Soerfm / Public Domain)

The Story of Harald Fairhair, First King of Norway

The early history of Norway, and Scandinavia in general, is characterized by powerful seafarers, traders, and warriors and by rich heathen mythologies and...
A ghost image of the buried Sutton Hoo ship was revealed during excavations in 1939. (Harold John Phillips / Public Domain)

3-D Modeling Will Allow the Sutton Hoo Ship to Sail Again

Researchers in Britain are hoping to recreate a ship from over 1,300 years ago. They are planning to reconstruct the famous ship that...
Map of Ireland 950 AD at the time the Viking migrants arrived. (Threewolves / Public Domain)

Viking Migrants May Have Saved the Irish From Extinction

A new study could re-write the history of Ireland in the Middle Ages . It shows that the Irish population was in serious...
King dictating the law. (British Library / Public Domain)

Caught Red-Handed! Law and Order in Medieval England

In medieval societies , it was always quite important to preserve law and order, and to rightfully dispense justice. A just ruler secured...
The Flower of Battle – A Medieval Manuscript of Martial Arts

The Flower of Battle – A Medieval Manuscript of Martial Arts

The Flower of Battle is an Italian martial arts manual from the Renaissance. This manual was written by Fiore Furlano, a...
King Sashanka: Unifier of the Bengal People and Lands

King Sashanka: Unifier of the Bengal People and Lands

The region and state of Bengal in India is situated in the East of the country and is primarily known for its rich...
The British Museum is analyzing the ring and may declare it to be national treasure, though the finder would collect any reward.

Medieval Ring Found in Robin Hood’s Forest May Net a Small Fortune

In 2016, an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector turned up a medieval gold ring that was set with a sapphire stone...
The medieval style sitting room. Credit: Cavendish Residential Ruthin / rightmove

Grab Your Very Own ‘Medieval’ Home for £210K

A Welsh house has been transformed into Medieval-style home equipped with a drawbridge over a mini moat. The detached property in the county...

How medieval Christians created the American nuclear family

In the United States a growing number of people are secular, a trend that mirrors what’s generally happening in the global “West.” But...
Central and Southeastern Europe around AD 850 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Mighty Magyars, a Medieval Menace to the Holy Roman Empire

The eighth to tenth centuries in Europe were turbulent times, as Western Europe was caught in the crossfire of invading foreign entities. Many...

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