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Nell Minow

Harriet – Nell Minow – Medium

There should have been a movie about Harriet Tubman decades ago. And yet, this moment is just right, because the story of the...
Nell Minow

Motherless Brooklyn – Nell Minow

“Motherless Brooklyn” is the affectionate (really) nickname given to Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton) by the only person to treat him kindly, Frank Minna...
Nell Minow

Terminator: Dark Fate – Nell Minow

Can we please send someone back from the future to suggest that we really do not need any more Terminator movies?Okay, I have...
Nell Minow

Abominable – Nell Minow – Medium

I’m not sure what the fascination is with animated films for kids about mythical big furry primates, but “Abominable” is the third animated...
Nell Minow

Judy – Nell Minow – Medium

On YouTube you can find a clip from Judy Garland’s 1963 variety television series where she sings “The Christmas Song” (the one that...
Nell Minow

Downton Abbey – Nell Minow

B +There’s a reason the hugely popular “Downton Abbey” television series is named for the property, not the characters. The part of Downton...

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