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How a missed flight helped singer Lolo Zouai find her story

In the summer of 2017, Lolo Zouaï booked a flight from France...
This is a diagram of the multisense theory of gender dysphoria.

Study of “gender dysphoria” in the brain has long missed one possible cause

After reviewing decades of previous research, a new study suggests that scientists have overlooked a potential cause for the condition known as gender...

If you missed it, do watch ‘Scary stories to tell in the dark’ with...

Photo by Hari Panicker on Unsplash/ Representative imageThe extent of disturbing material that kids could be exposed to in works of entertainment is...
Arrow Video Announces First Ever Blu-ray Release of the 'One Missed Call' Trilogy

Arrow Video Announces First Ever Blu-ray Release of the ‘One Missed Call’ Trilogy

Takashi Miike’s 2003 horror film One Missed Call was followed by two sequels before getting an American adaptation back in 2008, and the...
[Alpha and Omega] Takashi Miike's ’13 Assassins’ and ‘One Missed Call’

[Alpha and Omega] Takashi Miike’s ’13 Assassins’ and ‘One Missed Call’

Alpha and Omega is a recurring feature that examines a famous horror director’s best critically received film and their worst reviewed installment (according to...
A helmet similar to Leia

‘Rise of Skywalker’ trailer breakdown: 4 Deep-cut Easter eggs you missed

While it was fun to freak-out over a weird Force-dagger and maybe Darth Vader’s helmet in the final trailer for Star Wars: The...
Citizen Duane

Why Joker Is One Big, Missed Opportunity (and a Frustrating, Irresponsible One At That)

Niko Tavernise / Warner Bros.Todd Phillips’ Joker has caused more controversy pre-release than most movies do. The R-rated film, loosely (very loosely) based...
Breaking Bad

‘Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul almost missed out on career changing role as Jesse Pinkman

"Vince said, 'No, he's the guy – he has to be the guy'" Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has revealed how he nearly missed...

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