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Kevin Smith Knows Why DC TV Shows Do Better Than DC Movies

DC currently has the highest grossing movie in the world, with the gritty stand-alone spin-off Joker raking in the riches, despite fears that...

The Best Horror Movies of the 90s

Let’s be honest: the 1990s were, at...
gemini man

‘Gemini Man’ ending spoilers: Ang Lee explains the movie’s flawed finale

Gemini Man might be the most impressive feat of cinematic technology in Hollywood history, but it’s still not a very good movie. The...
Joker Movie's Gotham City Has No Personality, and That's a Crime

Joker Movie’s Gotham City Has No Personality, and That’s a Crime

*Major spoilers for Joker below* Probably the biggest...

New Kids and Family Movies and Shows Coming to Netflix 2019

If you’ve got kids and you keep...

Jennifer Aniston Wishes There Were Fewer Marvel Movies, More Rom-Coms

Jennifer Aniston has never made a comic book movie. (But she has made a Leprechaun.) There may be a reason for that: They’re...

GEMINI MAN 2019 full movies ||english — HD Streaming_FREE

!!HD2340p!! Gemini Man Online Free Gemini Man(2019) Full Movie Watch online Free HQ HQ ] Gemini Man! (2019) Full Movie Watch online...

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