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Sargassum seaweed links Amazon rainforest fires and the Caribbean Islands

Back on the British Virgin Islands, Horton says it’s been an “educational journey” since the rafts of Sargassum wafted in back in 2011.The...
The Amazon’s new record-breaking tree. (Tobias Jackson)

A 400-Year-Old ‘Carbon Colossus’ Heralds Hope for Amazonia

At a staggering 88 meters tall, a 400-year-old tree found in the Brazilian Amazon has been declared the region’s largest tree. Researchers are...
An uncontacted tribe in the jungle of Brazil. (CC BY SA 2.5)

400+ Indigenous Tribes Under Threat as Amazon Burns

The fires blazing across the Amazon rainforest in Brazil are devastating. They’re making international headlines and sparking sadness and outrage across the globe...

Inside the indigenous fight to save the Amazon rainforest

Speaking to Rayanne Cristine Maximo Franca, the 25-year-old indigenous youth activist from the Amazon, about a historic march, resistance, and youth empowerment

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