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Aquaman 2 officially confirmed

Harley Quinn series ordered to ditch “ridiculous” version of Aquaman

The new Harley Quinn animated series had to abandon a version of Aquaman that exaggerated the “bro type” portrayed by Jason Momoa, according...
raiders fans

TV Host Gets Ripped for Ridiculous Oakland Raiders Take

Getty Oakland Raiders offensive line with fans. The Oakland Raiders have one of the craziest and most loyal fan bases in sports, but the team...
Ridiculous Offense of the Week « Why Evolution Is True

Ridiculous Offense of the Week « Why Evolution Is True

As if society couldn’t be any more censorious about things that aren’t hurtful, have a look at this HuffPo article about a “thoughtless...
ridiculous job titles

The top 10 most ridiculous job titles in tech

When it comes down to it, the Internet is all about memes and people constantly getting mad about one thing or another. I’m...

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