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Scientists identify what thousands of songs around the world have in common

There’s a reason why music is called a universal language: Lullabies, hymns, pop songs, and dance tracks are as ubiquitous to the human...
Coauthor Fengwang Li (above) demonstrates the copper-based catalyst that the team designed for CO2 conversion.

Scientists want to turn carbon dioxide into plastic. They’re getting closer

It’s no mystery that CO2 emitted from our cars, homes, and factories are causing near irreversible damage to our environment, and that inspiring...
Scientists develop rapid cell lines for marine sponges

Scientists develop rapid cell lines for marine sponges

Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Scientists have for the first time developed rapid cell lines for marine sponges, a largely untapped source of novel...
gamma ray burst

Scientists spot cosmic explosion trillion times brighter than visible light

Large, heavy stars are doomed to a violent death. As a heavy star begins to run out of its fuel, the core starts...
How we imagine the layers of ice and water on Europa might look.

Could there be alien life on Europa? Scientists may find out … soonish

Scientists have long suspected that beneath the cracked, icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa lies a vast ocean of liquid water, twice as...
Titan geological map

Scientists glimpse Titan’s startling terrain for the first time

Saturn’s largest moon is an exceptional environment in our Solar System. With its methane-filled lakes, icy volcanos, and underground caves, it seems worlds...
cathartic cry

Is crying good for you? Scientists are stumped over cathartic crying 😭

When I saw Jojo Rabbit I wept after the final scene. The woman next to me was crying, too, and, through her tears,...
mosquito bites

Your mobile phone data could help scientists map disease outbreaks

Our mobile phone addictions may actually be an important tool for researchers studying the spread of certain diseases, a new study finds.Vector-borne diseases,...
A set up for ultra-fast spectroscopy.

Solar panels waste a lot of energy. Scientists have a plan to capture it.

“Hot electrons” could add a new dimension to harvesting energy from solar panels.Scientists from the University of Groningen and Nanyang Technological University have...

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