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Sparta was born 18,000 years after the other cave lion cub, Boris. (Siberian Times)

Uniquely Preserved Cave Lion Cubs: Stunning Photos and Secrets Revealed

By Valeria Sukhova / Siberian Times At first, scientists believed they had found male cave lion cub siblings that were born 44,000...
The bloomery was the earliest form of smelter capable of smelting iron. A bloomery

Siberian Nomads Practiced High Tech Iron Smelting Much Earlier Than Thought

Tomsk State University archaeologists have obtained radiocarbon dating of the Kosh-Agach type iron-smelting furnaces found in the Altai Mountains, pre-dating them 300 to...
Burial AT 1/29, a 2,100-year-old skeleton with belt buckle. Pictures: HMC RAS/Pavel Leus

2,100-Year-Old Skeleton Found With iPhone-Like Belt Buckle in Siberia

By The Siberian Times reporter An ancient Xiongnu-era woman took a stylish accessory to the afterlife. To archeologist Pavel Leus the striking new find...

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