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The Tower of London (sborisov / Adobe Stock)

Skeleton of Woman and Child Found Beneath Tower Of London

The skeletons of a woman and child have been discovered at London’s famous 1,000-year-old royal fortress and prison, the Tower of London. But...
An ancient child skeleton. Representational only – not the skeleton found in Turkey. Credit: Scott Haddow / Flickr

5,700-Year-Old Child Skeleton with Crushed Head Found in Turkey

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a child who died in the Copper Age, 5,700 years ago, in Turkey. The skeleton, believed to...
Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari, Bulgaria, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Credit: Pecold / Adobe Stock

Skeleton of Ancient Sports Fan Found Buried with Head-Shaped Jar

A grave has been found in Bulgaria with the skeleton of an ancient sportsman or sports fan.  Alongside the human remains was a...
Aerial view of trench 3 where the remains were found. (Andy Hickle / Tarradale Through Time)

1,400-year-old Pictish Remains Finally Unearthed in Scotland

Human remains found at what is thought to be a Pictish-era cemetery near Muir of Ord on the Black Isle in the north...
Burial AT 1/29, a 2,100-year-old skeleton with belt buckle. Pictures: HMC RAS/Pavel Leus

2,100-Year-Old Skeleton Found With iPhone-Like Belt Buckle in Siberia

By The Siberian Times reporter An ancient Xiongnu-era woman took a stylish accessory to the afterlife. To archeologist Pavel Leus the striking new find...
Rakhigarhi archaeological site, India. (Homeric Origins / YouTube)

DNA of 5,000-Year-Old Woman Links Modern Indians to Ancient Indus Valley Civilization

Ancient DNA from India’s Rakhigarhi archaeological site is telling volumes about the destiny of the mysterious Indus Valley Civilization. Around 3000 BC,...
Portrait of General Charles Etienne Gudin (1839) by Georges Rouget. (Public Domain)

Grave of Napoleon’s Favorite General, With Blown Off Leg, Found!

A 200-year-old mystery, dating from Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, may have been solved. Researchers believe that they have finally found the remains in...
A) Ivan Borkovský, the discoverer and excavator of the Viking/ warrior skeleton burial at Prague Castle in 1928; B) Karel Guth, Head of the Historical Archaeology Department of the National Museum, Prague, and in charge of the Prague Castle excavations. (Cambridge Core / Fair Use)

Identity of 1000-Year-Old Warrior Corrupted by Nazi and Soviet Spin Doctors

Facts are finally dislodging almost 100 years of lies and misinterpretations pertaining to a mysterious 1000-year-old warrior’s skeleton unearthed at Prague Castle ...

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