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Aesthetica Magazine - Visions of an Era

Aesthetica Magazine – Visions of an Era

American photographer Bruce Davidson (b. 1933) is perhaps best known for documenting subcultures and those living on the margins of society. He...
shadows, death, near death experience

Almost all near-death experiences have these visions in common — study

Not many people have a brush with death and live to tell the tale. But those that have inched close to the void,...
Visions of Paradise

Aesthetica Magazine – Visions of Paradise

Referencing the famous 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch, Garden of Earthly Delights uses the metaphor of the garden to probe our fantasies...
Saint Hildegard in her meditation cell

The Fiery Cosmic Egg of Hildegard von Bingen

The language of prophecy is frequently enigmatic, bewildering, and even disconcerting. Most of us are familiar with some of the cryptic messages of...
Ishtar holding her symbol

Ningal: The Mesopotamian Goddess Awakening Female Mysticism

In the city of Ur, where the first settlements in the marshes of southern Mesopotamia were built with reeds without any type of...

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